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We work together with all kinds of companies and provide our services to project agencies, construction companies, factories, port companies, industrial construction companies, etc.


We are providing service and support to your short- and long-term projects with our expertise, advice and consulting in technical, mechanical and industrial services.

In addition to our providing of services, we are also specialized in International HR Management.

Project Management

Project management, as the name itself says, is the management of projects.

NG Projects & Consulting can provide you the completely support of the projects with organization, preparation, planning, execution and complementation.

In project management process, the following steps are generally followed:

  • Start of the project

  • Determination of the scope/scope of the project

  • Planning of the project

  • Division of the project into different phases and/or sub-projects

  • Implementation of the work (and the sub-projects) in the different phases

  • Follow-up of project progress

  • Termination, possible reporting or delivery of another finished product

A fairly standard phasing is:

  • Initiation phase

  • Definition phase

  • Design

  • Preparatory phase

  • Implementation

  • Aftercare

Human Recources

A Human Resources (HR) department performs human resource management functions, such as finding, hiring, training, and supporting new employees. 

NG Projects & Consulting provide and support activities include;

  • Recruitment,

  • Administration,

  • Compensation and benefits,

  • Training and development,

  • Employee relations and performance management.


However, we can do much more.  The following includes some of the different responsibilities which we can offer in the segment of international HR activities;


Turnaround management is a process dedicated to corporate renewal.

NG Projects & Consulting provides complete analysis and planning according to the client's corporate policy to bring the company back to solvency, and to identify and correct the reasons for market performance failures.

Operational construction supervision and Operational coordination and Follow-up of general and technical structures with regard to quality, safety, budget and execution times are also a part of NG Projects & Consulting services.

(Project) Administration

Project administration is the main support management of projects.


NG Projects & Consulting provide the completely support service as:

  • Keeping records around projects

  • Retain control over the progress, implementation and costs of a project.

Within our project administration program we keep all data of a project:

  • Customer Client administration

  • Client information

  • Contact history

  • Client appointments

  • Project Offers

  • Project Planning

  • Project Budget

  • Hours Administration

  • Invoicing Administration

Project Coordination

We consider Project Coordination as the day-to-day management of tasks within certain department.

The purpose of coordinating projects is to streamline the workflow of planned tasks.

NG Projects & Consulting carries out overall supervision of administrative tasks before, during and after the project. Some of our activities are;

  • Speaking with employees about project status

  • Developing schedules and monitoring project progress

  • Assembling project contracts, reports and invoices

  • Ordering supplies and billing customers on products they purchased

  • Taking part in meetings and assisting with the development project strategy

  • Etc.


Quality assurance and quality control are two aspects of quality management.

While some quality assurance and quality control activities are interrelated, the two are defined differently. Typically, QA activities and responsibilities cover virtually all of the quality system in one fashion or another, while QC is a subset of the QA activities.

NG Projects & Consulting implements partial and/or full QA/QC control in our field of expertise in collaboration with the client.

Quality assurance can be defined as "Part of Quality Management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled."                                          

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